In the Monthly Badminton Program for boys and girls between 10 and 18 years old, you will have training sessions in small groups (no more than 5). The monthly training program of badminton for kids is personalised and tailored to the characteristics of each training group, using the methodology that Ivan Puzjak and the Salakjit Poinsana team have created and developed according to there experience.


As you will see, the program performs quite intensive badminton lessons for kids. 


The objectives of this monthly badminton program are:

  • To maximize your strengths; minimize your weaknesses with the training techniques of Ivan Puzjak, Salakjit Ponsana and there team.
  • To carry out the training with a clear objective, applying the maximum concentration, with no differentiation in this respect between training and competitive matches.
  • To educate players through sports, positively impacting them through the transmission of values that will help their personal development.


Training takes place from Tuesday to Sunday, leaving Monday free to rest or to practice other activities.



  • 48 hours of badminton training.
  • 32 hours of physical fitness training / sport activities.
  • Courts
  • Shuttlecocks

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